Nuclear Generated Power

Control Room nuclearpowersurvey-control-room

Cooling Towers nuclearpowersurvey-cooling-towers


The diagram & photos above depict the nuclear power function, cooling towers, and a typical control room. Major components are shown. The component on the left is the tower in which the controlled nuclear reaction takes place. That reaction heats water which is used to heat a separate water supply hot enough to turn it into steam. This steam is used to drive a turbine that spins an electric generator. The steam, having expended its energy turning the turbine, returns to be re-heated and cycled back to spin the turbine. Once the water is heated by the controlled nuclear reaction, the power is generated in a manner very similar to any coal, gas turbine, or hydroelectric power generation facility. No nuclear material leaves the reactor until it is spent. It is then removed and replaced with fresh nuclear fuel.

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