Hybrid Electric Generation

Hybrid Electric Generation

Functional requirement: Provide reliable, cost efficient, green electric power that can be controlled by the user when necessary, but will operate in total automatic mode anytime the user chooses.
Infrastructure is under attack from all the normal forces of nature, wear through usage, and obsolescence.  Additionally today’s operating environment includes the unknown quantification, duration, and timing of various forms of terrorist attacks.
Today’s users opt to acquire new devices that require electricity. Many of these devices become more efficient with each model change. Many devices — including those containing electric motors — are relatively efficient due to new armature, stator and magnetic technologies integrated into their new designs.  Other devices contain only chip technology and operate in milliampere ranges that have made obsolete their counterparts of relatively recent design.
New devices make use of short and medium range wireless technology allowing a wide variety of sensors to receive their inputs, transmit data to a network that instantly and constantly adjust other devices.  For example, in a home these can include temperature and humidity sensors throughout that feed into a network thereby controlling the home’s environment by room and by time of day as programmed by its users.
The need for totally reliable electric power in every home is growing. It will continue to grow regardless of efficiencies inherent in improved device designs.
The existing infrastructure is aging and contains obsolete components.  Components are stressed by increased users as well as each device’s lifetime of service.  Environmental events including weather and damage from hostile forces detract from the traditional electric power source’s reliability.
HybridElectricGeneration’s Widgetronic’s use of matched generating components, backup storage, inclusion of traditional utility grid power sources all operating through our unique interfacing, continuously variable, user-controlled computer.
Environmental Benefits
Winds blow and the sun shines. Hybrid Electric Generation creates electricity from all natural sources and forces.
HybridElectricGeneration’s design is based upon creation of electricity by methods other than petrochemical reactions, which can damage the environment and have excessive costs of production, processing, and distribution.
Every unit of electricity generated by HybridElectricGeneration’s wind and solar components means there is a unit of local electric utility grid power that is not needed  —  or purchased by our users.
Electricity generated by HybridElectricGeneration’s wind and solar components costs the Earth nothing and produces no damaging after effects.

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