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This site identifies opinions & attitudes toward drilling for oil and gas resources within the US and off-shore. All visitors are anonymous. Postings change & are added.
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Now that we have seen that oil can surpass and may remain solidly over $100 per barrel, relevant, shocking facts are coming to the fore.
One fact is that the USA has massive oil reserves that could be providing it with energy independence and political freedom without handing vast amounts of money to nations, many of whom are anti-US.
The US has massive reserves that -- by using today's technologies -- could be recovered with little to no damage to wildlife or to the environment.
Major US oil reserves lie in Alaska, the Rocky Mountains, and off shore including the east, west, and gulf coasts.
Today's oil price range also makes it profitable to recover oil from domestic fields in Texas and elsewhere that were depleted and therefore abandoned using old recovery standards.
Today's technology includes innovative techniques such as horizontal drilling, that were not available just a few decades ago.
There is no long-term political, economic, or environmental reason why the United States should be beholden to Arab, under-developed, and anti-American nations for oil.
It is not a privilege to purchase their oil.
These nations are fortunate that US environmentalists have plugged options for the US to become energy independent. Without excessive environmental restraints, those enemies of freedom and of the US would be deprived of billions of dollars of oil revenue that their leaders squander and fail to use to provide decent standards of living for their people.

Fact  >>>  The US has more oil confined in its Rocky Mountain shale deposits than Saudi Arabia has in its total oil reserve.
The technology exists to safely, cleanly, and efficiently extract huge amounts of oil from the shale deposits of the US Rocky Mountains.

Fact  >>>   Of the nearly 100 oil drilling rigs in the Gulf, not one experienced a problem or any sort of leakage or injury to workers during the most severe hurricane season of 2005, which included hurricanes Rita and Katrina.
If all those rigs withstood all those winds and waves with no problems, deep water drilling has been proven safe, clean, and a good source of energy.

Fact  >>>   Oil shale was mined in West Lothian, Scotland from about 1860 to 1962. When distilled, it produced an oil which could be used like petrol. One of the by-products was ammonium sulphate, a widely-used fertilizer.
The industry produced huge quantities of spent shale. Oil bings were much larger than the ones at coal mines. The spent shale was almost completely inert.
Over 50 years after a large deposit of bing was produced, it was useful for road bottoming. Highways in the east of Scotland were built on shale.
Today's technology allows clean, green extraction of oil from shale.

Fact  >>>   ANWR, the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve established in 1960, contains a relatively small area above a massive oil reserve owned by the US. Environmentalist groups were perhaps correct decades ago to fight against drilling in ANWR. Today, over 75% of Alaskans support exploration and production on the Coastal Plain of ANWR.

The total area that is proposed for oil drilling is about 2,000 acres. That is about the same area as Los Angeles International Airport.

Learn a little more about ANWR by clicking here.

Today's drilling technology has advanced to where wildlife and nature are not damaged or even upset by the underground extraction of these US oil deposits.

Regarding the premature and malinvestment in potential future technologies such as wind and solar poer:

It is best not to forget the deliberate, intemperate, and determined foolishness of the green economy. This psychopathic theory is committed to the concept that our energy economy of today is made up entirely of greedy, messy oilmen who have been preventing progress into wind and solar.
Those who promote premature implementation of potential energy sources are not able to acknowledge the fact that our energy industry is based on the real options available and is not simply created by those who profit from things as they are. Those entities that profit include government, which creates its own environment of cronyism, and markets favors and payoffs.
No amount of mere facts will dissuade these persons from trying to bring into being an economy perched on highly expensive and unreliable energy. Accordingly, wealth will not be available to invest in alternatives that can actually survive without perpetual subsidies from an economy crippled by their shortcomings.
We are, unfortunately, not yet done with the fantasy of global warming. Our ruling class is populated with people who have invested religious feeling in this (fake) epic struggle.

<  <  <    An anonymous comment.

  Observation  >>>  Why can't people see that technology is filling the clean, green glass?  Why do they run in fear that the clean, green glass is 120% empty and draining fast?
People are not well educated. People run in fear when goaded by demagogues. People don't understand technology. Mainly people prefer to follow Chicken Little rather than thinking for themselves.

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